The Truth About Torque: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

Horsepower & torque are often referred to when purchasing a car but what are the differences and why do they matter?

Horsepower and torque. These are the words you will repeatedly see together when researching specifications of a car model. Torque is the figure measured in pounds per foot (lb – ft.) which lets you gauge how much power you’re getting, and is often bragged about by car enthusiasts.

But what is torque? How does it differ from horsepower and why is it important? If you aren’t 100% sure then you’re definitely not alone. These are the big questions that the automotive industry seems to assume we know the answers to, so never fully explain. Here we will dispel the mystery surrounding torque and give you those answers in simple terms.

Definition of torque
Do a quick Google of ‘torque’ and you will be faced with this mechanical definition:

“a force that tends to cause rotation.
‘the three-litre engine has lots of torque’”

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