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Find out about all of the advantages and savings to be had with the latest Scrappage Schemes at Sandicliffe

With the announcement of the UK going emission free by 2040, it is no surprise that manufacturers have turned to helping us to get older cars switched for newer models. Not only are these models more energy efficient they benefit from an array of safety features that your old model can’t compete with.

Manufacturers have seen the benefits of owning a new model, but this often comes with a hefty price tag. Luckily the Scrappage Schemes that have been introduced also come with savings, sometimes up to as much as £4,950 off a new vehicle with specific schemes!

It’s plain to see why you would be more drawn to a new model especially if it means saving money on your new model. There are restrictions including the age of your current vehicle so it is worth thoroughly looking through all of the terms of each scheme or talking to the Sandicliffe sales team for more information.

Majority of older cars, usually pre-2009 have Euro 4 emissions standards or in some cases even worse. Most newer models will have the current Euro 6 emission standards introduced in September 2014, improving air quality and reducing the amount of harmful exhaust emissions.

This has already had a positive effect over the years with the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders claiming “It would take 50 new cars today to produce the same amount of pollutant emissions as one vehicle built in the 1970s.”

- Carbon monoxide (CO): petrol down 63%, diesel down 82% since 1993
- Hydrocarbons (HC): petrol down 50% since 2001
- Nitrogen oxide (NOx): down 84% since 2001
- Particulate matter (PM): diesel down 96% since 1993

By 2040 it will be a requirement to own a zero emissions vehicle, and there are often Government subsidies and Plug-in grant schemes for ULEV’s. Including £2,000 Manufacturer contributions towards a used Nissan LEAF. Cities are banning the highest polluting vehicles including a surcharge for cars that don’t meet Euro Emissions standards.

The value of some diesel cars have also started to drop in value with the average used diesel car falling in value by 5.7% between the first and third quarter of 2017. New emissions tests recently came into force from September. These test newly launched models on UK roads, with drivers to benefit from more realistic emissions and fuel economy performance.

ŠKODA have a range of models that are tax-free with low carbon emissions including the ŠKODA Octavia Estate & ŠKODA Citigo that don’t skimp on performance.

Another advantage of a more recent model is the reassurance of Euro NCAP safety ratings. Achieving a five-star rating is no longer desired but more or less required on manufacturer’s new models. Not only is this an achievement it provides a driver with peace of mind knowing that all areas of car safety are covered.

The new Ford Fiesta and Mazda CX-5 were recently awarded five stars by Euro NCAP. The Fiesta has progressed significantly in safety testing since its first test back in 1997. Manufacturers are working hard to ensure that basic occupant protection is a necessity for all passengers regardless of their position in the vehicle.

Buying a brand-new car can sometimes seem like the advantages are outweighed due to price, value and running costs. This couldn’t be further from the truth with new research suggesting that a new car can be 73% cheaper to run than a model just five years older. Insurance tends to be cheaper and generous low rate finance deals along with savings from scrappage schemes means the advantages start speaking for themselves!


Save between £2,000 and £4,950* when you trade in your old vehicle for a new Ford model with the Ford Scrappage Scheme. You could also save up to £7,000** off a new commercial vehicle.



The new Mazda Scrappage Upgrade Plan* means that you can trade in any petrol or diesel car and save up to £5,000 on the latest range of Mazda vehicles with CO2 emissions of less than 130g/km.


Trade in your old vehicle at Sandicliffe Nissan as part of the Nissan Switch Scheme and you could benefit an additional £2,000 on a brand-new Nissan*. Switch to a more intelligent car and we will give you up to £2,000 towards a used electric Nissan LEAF* or in addition to existing offers, you will also receive up to £2,000 off selected new Nissan vehicles.**

Fancy a new ŠKODA model that meets the latest Euro 6 emissions standards? Trade in your old vehicle and you could benefit from a ŠKODA Scrappage Incentive from £2,000 TO £6,000* on selected new ŠKODA models. Your new vehicle must be registered by 31th December 2017 to qualify for the £6,000 incentive, available exclusively at Sandicliffe.

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