The Benefits of an Engine Detox Treatment

Regular checks & servicing isn't always enough to maintain your vehicle's performance, see the benefits of an engine detox treatment!

You may take your car for regular checks and servicing and think that the two are enough to ensure that your car is healthy and will continue to run well. To give your car the deep clean that it deserves, the most common solution is an engine flush. An engine flush clears all of the residue and debris built up inside your engine, enabling it to circulate before eventually draining away. The treatment will provide the engine with clean engine oil but it will not optimise or enhance any other aspect of your car’s engine. The most effective and long-lasting solution is an engine detox treatment with many added advantages to restore your car’s engine to its full potential and to enhance performance. EDT Automotive have been operating their engine treatments over Europe for twenty years and were established in the UK in 2013.

There are three cycles in the process. The first circulates the oil through the engine oil ways and galleries. The second is a soak cycle and the third is a recovery cycle. It takes just under fifteen minutes to complete, with enhanced performance being the end result.

Some other benefits of the treatment are improved torque delivery after a clean, resulting in a better gear change. As well as a smoother drive, an EDT also reduces CO2 emissions by 59% and 81% in hyrdocarbons! Nothing else like this exists apart from a manual engine strip, making an EDT the most proficient of engine treatments. The main advantage is that you can tell the difference as soon as you drive away, giving a new lease of life to your car.

If you really want your car’s performance to reflect how it was when brand new, then an Engine Detox Treatment is the closest that you are going to get. Improved efficiency not only enables the vital parts of your engine to run smoother but it will also save you money due to the improved MPG figures.

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