Why should you have a service plan with Sandicliffe?

Explore the value of having a service plan, and what Sandicliffe offers.

Why should you have a service plan with Sandicliffe?

We all know the importance of having our cars serviced. Not only does it ensure that your car is covered under the manufacturers warranty, but it also means that you’ll maximise reliability, safety and fuel economy. Plus, if you’re looking to sell your car later down the line, having a service history will increase it’s value.

But paying for your service isn’t always easy.

We know that, and we’re here to help. With a Sandicliffe service plan, you can spread the cost of your vehicles servicing as well as tailoring your service to your vehicles needs. The duration you choose is up to you, if you’d rather pay for your servicing over 12 months like a household bill, that’s fine!

You’ll pay an affordable monthly direct debit, that’s inflation proof! The price you pay at the beginning of your service plan, is the price you’ll pay for the duration of your service plan. So when it comes time for your service, it’s paid for!

To start your Sandicliffe service plan, simply talk to one of our advisors who will get you on the road to worry-free servicing!

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