Sandicliffe’s Cycle To Work Scheme Now Open!

Sandicliffe have partnered up with Cycle Solutions to offer employees a new Cycle To Work Scheme. More details here.

Sandicliffe’s Cycle To Work Scheme Now Open!

If you’re an employee at Sandicliffe and would like to cycle to work, there’s never been a better time! Now with Sandicliffe’s Cycle To Work scheme, you are eligible to purchase a brand-new bike and cycle accessories at up to half the retail price.

Our Cycle To Work scheme will close on 16th August 2019, so if this is something you have been considering, why not check out some of the amazing discounts Cycle Solutions can offer you today?

The Cycle To Work scheme is a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint whilst getting some good old exercise in! It’s a government-backed initiative put in place to make bikes and cycling accessories more easily accessible for the purpose of commuting to and from work.

Once you have chosen your bike and/or cycling accessories, the idea is that you purchase the equipment through a salary sacrifice of monthly repayments to Sandicliffe LTD. But the great thing is, the payment will be deducted from your Gross pay and not your Net pay, meaning you will benefit from Tax and National Insurance relief. Depending on your personal tax brand, you could be saving up to 24% on a basic rate tax or 35% on a higher rate tax.

Your purchase will be spread across 12 months and all equipment purchased will belong to you at the end of the agreement term.

If you wish to purchase a bike and/or cycling accessories without the intention of riding to work, you can still do so using the same procedure before 16th August 2019.

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