Sandicliffe Partners LLeisure Review The All-New Fiesta Active

To celebrate our new partnership with LLeisure Centres across Broxtowe, we lent the All-New Fiesta Active to Duty Manager Heather, but how did the model suit to her active lifestyle?

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What every fell runner needs after a day in the peaks – food! However, at home, we had nothing in, so it was time to go shopping. I had to get my daughters car seat in – which was very easy with the fully adjustable seats it made getting her in and out a breeze. The boot opened keyless, great for when you have a trolley full and an infant in tow! And for a change – I didn’t have to store any on the back seats thanks to the deceptively spacious boot. It was deeper than I was expecting making the trip hassle-free. I bedded down for the night with a belly full of food ready for more adventures in the morning.

On Sunday, as it was sunny I decided to take my daughter swimming at Kimberley Leisure Centre. Getting her in and out was really easy and the car itself kept cool meaning we both kept at a comfortable temperature. After splashing, swimming and dunking for well over an hour, I decided it was time to get going. I had put the key into the swim bag, in between nappies, towels, goggles and pieces of leftover snacks… oh no! Fortunately, the car has keyless entry meaning I was able to open it, get us both in and drive home without needing to get to it, panic over!

On the way home we hit traffic, but luckily the car’s auto stop/start function meant fuel consumption was kept low. It also told me the MPG (miles per gallon) I was using as well as when to change gear, meaning I needed to fill up less often. The roads I took home were a route I hadn\'t done before and so a great feature for me was the Fiesta Active\'s ability to detect road signs and tell me what speed I needed to stick to. A great added feature for peace of mind on new and unexplored routes.

As a busy, active new mum I found the car to be easy to use and comfortable. The inbuilt technology is certainly a new and fantastic addition to both improve and enhance your driving experience. It fits into my lifestyle perfectly. From travelling to work, to a kid’s party or even off into the peak district; the Ford Fiesta Active is adaptable and family friendly making it the perfect car. So if you have an Active Lifestyle and are looking for an Active Car – look no further than the Ford Fiesta Active.

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