Sandicliffe Partners LLeisure Review The All-New Fiesta Active

To celebrate our new partnership with LLeisure Centres across Broxtowe, we lent the All-New Fiesta Active to Duty Manager Heather, but how did the model suit to her active lifestyle?

May 17, 2018

 Sandicliffe Partners LLeisure Review The All-New Fiesta Active

LLeisure Duty Manager, Heather Thornley has a busy lifestyle, whether running, attending children's parties or visiting family she requires a car that perfectly adapts to her schedule. As part of our new partnership with LLeisure Centres and Sports Events across Broxtowe in Bramcote, Chilwell and Kimberley, Heather borrowed the All-New Fiesta Active for the weekend. Heather documented her thoughts, here's her review. 


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As an active person, I need an active car. Something that is going to keep both myself and my family moving no matter what we are doing. The  Ford Fiesta Active is a great car which fits into my lifestyle perfectly. 


On Saturday the car took me up to Edale in the Peak District, about 50 miles drive taking in both Motorway and narrow country lane driving, it effortlessly switched between the two.  I was helped by the in-car navigation system, which I followed to my destination with no problems, a detailed clear screen and directions also aided by making the music quieter so I could hear each instruction on my journey. Although the middle of the day was hot, the morning was slightly cool so I was kept comfortable on my journey by the heated seating and steering wheel. 

The Fiesta Active handled well on the country roads, and the power-assisted steering made for an easy drive. As the morning warmed up to around 22 degrees, I switched the heated features to air conditioning and set the temperature to 17. It felt great! As I got nearer to my destination, to allow me to keep my eyes on the road I used the voice activation controls enabling me to switch the music off and concentrate on the job at hand. As I arrived ten minutes early, I was able to soak in the views before I headed off up into Mam Tor, into Edale and up onto Kinder Scout. 



After 11 gruelling miles, sunburn, a grazed leg and 3000ft of ascent I had a bottle of water and said my goodbyes to the people I’d just conquered my fell run with. When I climbed back into the car my immediate thought was “air con!” and my, it felt amazing; the perfect way to reward my efforts. I was able to store my leftover food and water in the spacious boot along with my pretty sweaty gear too.  After all of that, getting out of the car park on a sunny bank holiday weekend was always going to be a challenge. With it full I had to be careful of all the families and adventure seekers around me. The rearview camera is a great tool to aid your reversing and make manoeuvres a lot easier at such times. I could see all the angles I needed (and people behind me) to make my exit swift and safe, and I was on my way home!

What every fell runner needs after a day in the peaks – food! However, at home, we had nothing in, so it was time to go shopping. I had to get my daughters car seat in – which was very easy with the fully adjustable seats it made getting her in and out a breeze. The boot opened keyless, great for when you have a trolley full and an infant in tow! And for a change – I didn’t have to store any on the back seats thanks to the deceptively spacious boot. It was deeper than I was expecting making the trip hassle-free. I bedded down for the night with a belly full of food ready for more adventures in the morning.

On Sunday, as it was sunny I decided to take my daughter swimming at Kimberley Leisure Centre. Getting her in and out was really easy and the car itself kept cool meaning we both kept at a comfortable temperature. After splashing, swimming and dunking for well over an hour, I decided it was time to get going. I had put the key into the swim bag, in between nappies, towels, goggles and pieces of leftover snacks… oh no! Fortunately, the car has keyless entry meaning I was able to open it, get us both in and drive home without needing to get to it, panic over!

Next, we were off to a friend’s 13th roller disco party. With my little one only 8 months old it meant we spent most of the time playing with glow sticks, eating cake and being cooed over, which we didn’t mind too much as we headed over to granddads house for coffee she had a lovely snooze in the back. I paired up my phone using the cars Bluetooth pairing system and put on my new Zumba music, making sure to adjust the audio to just the front speakers – meaning I could still listen to my new playlist without waking the little one. 

We then headed to see my niece blow out her candles for her 3rd birthday; however leaving from granddad’s house and yet again the car's inbuilt navigation system came into its own, allowing us to get there along the fastest route meaning we didn’t miss her blowing out her candles! On the way I’d realised id not checked if they were home and so used the voice activation to make a call to my sister to let her know we were on the way, a great feature meaning we didn’t make an unnecessary journey over there. 

On the way home we hit traffic, but luckily the car’s auto stop/start function meant fuel consumption was kept low. It also told me the MPG (miles per gallon) I was using as well as when to change gear, meaning I needed to fill up less often. The roads I took home were a route I hadn't done before and so a great feature for me was the Fiesta Active's ability to detect road signs and tell me what speed I needed to stick to. A great added feature for peace of mind on new and unexplored routes.

Eventually, we hit my aunts for Sunday lunch to refuel after our hectic weekend and ended up staying later than anticipated. After unlocking the car, it lit up entirely inside and out meaning I could see exactly what I was doing as I settled her and buckled her in for the ride home. The Fiesta Active sensed the dark night beginning to draw in and set the lights automatically for our drive home. 

As a busy, active new mum I found the car to be easy to use and comfortable. The inbuilt technology is certainly a new and fantastic addition to both improve and enhance your driving experience. It fits into my lifestyle perfectly. From travelling to work, to a kid’s party or even off into the peak district; the Ford Fiesta Active is adaptable and family friendly making it the perfect car. So if you have an Active Lifestyle and are looking for an Active Car – look no further than the Ford Fiesta Active.

We look forward to our sponsorship with LLeisure and to be providing you with displays of our fantastic models available at your local Sandicliffe dealerships

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