Discover the MG lineup at Sandicliffe

The all-new MG range has arrived at Sandicliffe dealerships. Discover the very best of MG driving at Sandicliffe, contact us to make an enquiry.

Discover the MG lineup at Sandicliffe

The MG range has arrived at Sandicliffe dealerships. Our expert team outlines the highlights of our new MG collection!

We are delighted to welcome the stunning MG range to our Sandicliffe dealerships. MG is a brand that we feel a real kinship with. We both have a rich motoring heritage and have been delivering world-class customer service and driving experiences for decades. So, we truly are a match made in automotive heaven.

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable SUV to transport the whole family or a sporty all-electric hatchback with a thrilling drive, there is something for you at Sandicliffe MG. Read on to discover the highlights of every vehicle in our MG collection. Then, you will have everything you need to choose the ideal MG for you.

MG is officially the fastest-growing car brand in the UK, and it is easy to see why. With generations of stunning vehicles behind them, their current range of petrol-powered rage is the pinnacle of design and technology. With new, used and nearly new cars available, our partnership allows us to pass on unrivalled savings to you!

The MG3 is a sporty and dynamic hatchback that packs a real punch and offers a surprising amount of space. With a 285-litre boot and enough room for 5 passengers to travel comfortably, this car is the best of both worlds. Then, offering an average of 48mpg from its powerful 1.5-litre engine, the MG3 can save you money, without compromising on fun.

If you’re seeking a large SUV that still provides a nimble and sporty experience behind the wheel, then look no further. The MG HS offers incredible convenience, with a large amount of space and large doors that make loading passengers and cargo easier than ever. It also features an aerodynamic and eye-catching exterior that harnesses MG\'s vast motorsport heritage.

For drivers wanting the power and safety of an SUV, without the drawbacks of a large-sized vehicle, the MG ZS is a compact SUV that is made for you. This retooled version of the best-selling vehicle in the MG range comes with a set of revolutionary safety features and enough space for all your family, friends, shopping and anything else you might want to transport.

The next step in the meteoric growth of MG’s popularity on the roads of the UK comes in the form of a range of electrified vehicles. Their electrical initiative includes the release of several environmentally friendly versions of their bestselling vehicles. If you’re looking to lower your emissions without sacrificing fun behind the wheel, an electric MG will be ideal for you.

When you drive an MG HS PHEV, you will enjoy the benefits of a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine with a 16.6 kWh battery and a 90kW electric motor. This magnificent combination offers as much power and performance as any other large SUV on the market. You will also enjoy a head-turning sporty design at will make an impact wherever your journey takes you.

Building on the revolutionary crossover experience offered by the petrol-powered MG ZS, this all-electric equivalent offers a tremendous electric driving range of up to 273 miles from a single charge. This will give you complete peace of mind that your MG ZS EV can get you anywhere you need to go, without having to stop your journey to recharge your car.

Driving an MG4 EV offers you a revolutionary electrified hatchback experience and a top range of up to 280 miles. This one-of-a-kind electric vehicle comes with a one-size-fits-all battery. This allows you to replace or upgrade your battery with absolute ease. The MG ‘One Pack’ battery system also enjoys automatic over-the-air software updates that will keep you up to date.

Thanks to a high-capacity 61kWh battery that provides power to a 154bhp electric motor, this all-electric estate car offers drivers a fantastic range of up to 250 miles. Whenever you get behind the wheel of an MG5 EV, you will enjoy a smooth and comfortable drive alongside responsive steering, rapid charging and absolutely no exhaust emissions.

Inspired to enhance your driving experience with a revolutionary new MG car? Contact the specialist Sandicliffe team today!

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