Sandicliffe joins other Leicestershire car dealers in raising £800 for local charity

Sandicliffe Have Been Among The Flock Of Leicestershire Car Dealers In Helping Raise Over £800 For A Local Charity! But How Did They Achieve This?

A group of leading local businessmen have handed over a cheque to a popular local charity following a fundraising event in Leicestershire. The DCC – a group of Leicestershire based car dealers – meet regularly to discuss their successes and the challenges facing the motor industry in the county. And, at one of their recent meetings, Sandicliffe and the other attendees raised £800 for LOROS, the Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice. LOROS is a specialist centre providing skilled nursing and medical care in an environment that recognises the particular needs of patients and their families. As well as providing expertise in controlling pain and other distressing symptoms it also offers emotional, spiritual and social care which allows patients to live as normal a life as possible. Reg Tutt, Managing Director of Sandicliffe, the leading East Midlands car and van retailers, said: “At our most recent meeting we decided to make a charitable donation based on the number of new cars that each of the dealers represented sold over a specified period. We also selected a local charity who we felt should be the beneficiary of this donation.

“All the local businesses put their hands in their pockets and we raised £800 for LOROS to support the superb work that they do for people across Rutland and Leicestershire.” LOROS charges no fees and the charity relies upon the generosity and support of individual people, organisations and groups in order to continue offering its care services. Donations such as the £800 presented by the DCC are vital to LOROS to ensure that it can meet its commitment to supporting all local people regardless of their ethnicity or faith. Robin Francis from the DCC said: “Bringing together family owned businesses including Sandicliffe not only helps us to better serve motorists across Leicestershire but also to help co-ordinate our efforts in supporting local communities. We’re delighted to have contributed to this fantastic charity and to help LOROS carry out the vitally important work that they do across the region.”

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