Sandicliffe Helps Leading Taxi Firm To Become Even Greener

Its Not Only Individuals That Have Noticed The Benefits Of Driving Electric Vehicles, But So Have Businesses Too! Does This Mean Our Taxi Fares Will Go Down?

One of Nottingham’s leading taxi firms is set to make their fleet of cars even greener after signing a deal to buy three brand new electric vehicles. DG Cars are set to add three Nissan Leaf models to their fleet after agreeing a deal with Sandicliffe, the region’s new and used car experts. The new cars will complement DG Cars existing range of environmentally friendly vehicles and the deal will be announced at the launch of the company’s brand new premises on Queens Road, Nottingham. Leading local figures will also attend the launch to both celebrate DG Cars expansion and to support their green policy.

Ben Hodkinson, Nissan Manager at Sandicliffe, the new and used car experts, said: “The Nissan Leaf is one of a new breed of electric vehicle that achieves outstanding fuel economy while emitting zero carbon emissions while driving. The Leaf is easy to charge at a home or business and there are rapid charging points springing up across the region that will charge the battery up to around 80 per cent in just 30 minutes.” Amijid Javaid, director of DG Cars, said: “Over recent years we have been working hard to reduce the environmental impact of our fleet of vehicles. We pride ourselves on our environmental policy and we have been awarded the ISO 14001 for environmental management standards adding to the SIO 9001 which was achieved 2 years ago. “Adding these Nissan Leafs to our fleet will further help us to remove our carbon emissions. And, with electric cars offering superb economy, the Nissan Leaf makes great commercial sense as well as being the green choice.” DG Cars new office launch event takes place at 12.30pm on 7th April at the new premises on Queens Road, Nottingham.

To support DG Cars’ commitment to embracing a greener way of working, Councillor Nick McDonald will also be attending the event, endorsing DG Cars commitment to electric vehicles. “As more and more people begin to understand the benefits of electric cars I expect the demand for models such as the Nissan Leaf to increase,” added Mr Hodkinson from Sandcliffe, one of the region’s most trusted new car experts. “DG Cars have always been ahead of the game when it comes to green issues and we’re looking forward to delivering their new cars.”

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