Road Safety Week

21st November - 27th November 2016 is the official Road Safety Week.

Nov 21, 2016

In aid of Road Safety Week 2016 (21st -27th Nov 2016) here’s 10 simple things you can do to improve your safety on the road, especially in Winter.

  • 1. As the nights are getting dark much earlier it’s important to make sure that all your vehicles lights are working as they should. Spending 5 minutes every week or so checking all they are working could potentially stop accidents from happening and save lives. So why not grab a friend or family member and ask them to have a walk around your car as you operate your lights?

  • 2. Checking your tyre tread couldn’t be simpler. Simply push a 20p piece into the tread, if the band around the edge of the coin is completely covered by the tyre, then your good to go!

  • 3. Using a mobile phone at the wheel makes you four times more likely to be involved in a crash. So, make all the phone calls and text’s you need before you set off or if your car has a Bluetooth function then make sure to pair the phone with the car before you begin driving.

  • 4. Window wipers roughly cost between £10-£20 to replace, so at the first sign of smearing it’s a wise choice to get them replaced! If you get caught in heavy rain and your window wipers aren’t as they should, it can affect your vision and distract your attention.

  • 5. Buckle up! There’s no excuse for not wearing your seatbelt. It takes about 3 seconds and could potentially save your life.  

  • 6. Make sure your awake! It’s estimated that 20% of accidents are caused by fatigue. Make sure you’ve had plenty of rest and feel fit to drive before beginning your journey

  • 7. In dark conditions on winding country roads, don’t be tempted to over-use your high beam headlights. If another driver is coming towards you it can compromise their vision. Simply dipping the beam until they pass makes it safer for both of you.

  • 8. If you’re unfamiliar with your route, have a quick look on AA or Google maps before starting your journey even if you have a Sat-Nav. If your eyes on constantly on your Sat-Nav it takes your attention off the roads ahead. It’s worthwhile having the Sat-Nav the sound on, so that you can listen to the instructions rather than look. Having a print out of your route is also a good idea in case your Sat-Nav was to break or loose signal.

  • 9. Be patient and wait for those windows to defrost! Waiting for your windows to defrost can seem like a lifetime, especially if your running late for work. However, it’s essential that you can see clearly out of every window in-order to manoeuvre safely. If you long to save an extra 10 minutes in a morning, why not try a frost and snow shield for your windscreen and keep and ice-scraper in the glove box.

  • 10. Keep a High-Vis vest in the car. Keeping a vest in the car is a great investment. If you were to breakdown and needed to exit the car in dark conditions, you are putting yourself at great risk. A Hi-Vis vest can be bought at as little at £2 and could save your life.


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