Nottingham Hospitals Charity Partnership

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Nottingham Hospitals Charity Partnership

Engaging into a partnership with Nottingham Hospitals Charity was the first step of achieving something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time. Having been an iconic brand across the East Midlands region for over 70 years, it made perfect sense to us to use that exposure and give back to the community.

We pride ourselves on our 6 family values: passion, integrity, care, teamwork, respect and empowerment. Through these 6 family values we are able to achieve the type of involvement within the community that we strive for. It’s no secret that we’ve supported local charities for as long as we can remember, however, being able to support a charity that enhances life-saving facilities, medical research and medical staff development makes it incomparable to any other, and that’s why joining forces with Nottingham Hospitals Charity is so important to us - it helps us practise philanthropy more effectively so we can truly make a difference.

We’ve formed many great relationships over the years by actively integrating ourselves into the community through local sponsorships and business involvements such as the sponsorship of Nottingham Forest Football Club, local charity The Friary, Nottingham Post Business Awards, Gloworm Festival and many more. We choose to do so because these charities and events are experienced by people who are important to us: our friends, our neighbours, people we like to see happy. More than anything, we wish to be a part of that joy, especially with those less fortunate or those in desperate need of help.

From our Ford KA donation for Nottingham Hospitals Charity Grand Prize Draw back in 2016 to our continuous fundraising across all four franchises, our relationship with NHC has gone from strength to strength over the years and we are so proud to now call ourselves a Corporate Partner of Nottingham Hospitals Charity.

Our goal is not only to fundraise for Nottingham Hospitals Charity, but also to raise awareness for the outstanding work NHC involve themselves in. By doing so we hope to make an impact on the quality of care the people of Nottingham are able to receive in the foreseeable future. A huge majority of our organisation are local to Nottingham and frequently use the facilities that NHC are working so hard to improve. This makes our decision even more personal as we endeavour to help provide the best healthcare for our employees, our customers and our families.

So, we’d like to thank Nottingham Hospitals Charity for everything that they already do and for allowing us to join them on this journey to better healthcare!

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