Nissan Gripz - The Z Crossover Unveiled At Frankfurt Motor Show

The next model to carry the coveted Z badge could be a crossover as the Nissan Gripz concept was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week.

The Nissan Gripz concept was unveiled in Frankfurt last week. On paper the concept sounds pretty out there but after all was explained, it turns out to be a crossover model like no other! Inspired by the Z rally cars of the 1970s, desert rally cars and a more unusual idol; racing bicycles. Nissan are not transforming their Z series but rather borrowing aspects of their sports car and adapting it to the success of their other models such as the Juke.

The crossover concept is rumoured to be the next generation of the Juke and after the grand unveiling it does share a resemblance. The Juke was originally inspired by motorcycles so the Gripz concept shares similar inspiration.

The Nissan design team were influenced by Nissan’s motorsports heritage for the main exterior design of the crossover. From the long hood, fast back and sleek yet muscular design with the juxtaposition of a higher stance that are a common feature of the lifted hatchback.


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