New Exclusive Carlex Design Rangers In Stock Now

Discover our limited edition stock of Carlex Design Rangers built and modified for an exclusive Ranger experience. Shop now.

New Exclusive Carlex Design Rangers In Stock Now

Has our passion for pickups maybe gone too far? Absolutely not! As always we\'re on the lookout for exclusive and rare models to offer our community and we just so happen to have the most exclusive and aggressively styled Ford Rangers in stock now at your local Sandicliffe Transit Centre.

Shop our super-rare stock of Carlex Design Rangers for a heightened level of satisfaction behind the wheel. Here’s what’s been added:

The robust and reliable Ranger gets a totally new look thanks to a combination of ‘off-road style, massive body contours, and a sporty comfortable interior.’

With a ‘rough and tough’ front bumper and robust arch extensions, this is a pickup that’ll turn heads wherever you go.

Sandi-Carlex Ranger front grille

Not only does it look good, but the truck’s entire body kit has been coated with Line-X®, meaning it can resist potential damage during extreme off-roading adventures.

Your Sandi-Carlex Ranger is covered in sporty stickers to complement its off-road vibe on both the rear and the sides of the pickup before drawing your eyes to unique and stylish 18-inch pickup design alloy wheels wrapped in All Terrain 265/65 R18 tyres.

Rear shot of Carlex Design Ranger

The modified body kit includes a new front bumper (Line-X®), grille mesh, front bumper covers (Line-X®), front arch extensions (Line-X®), rear arch extensions (Line-X®), and a Carlex Design aluminium radiator guard.

We have also fitted the body with the following optional accessories for the ultimate off-road experience:

StyleBar Extreme (Line-X®), Lazer Roof Lamp (LED light bar with mounting brackets), Carlex Design Terrain side steps (Line-X®), rear spoiler option (Line-X®) and rear bumper (Line-X®).

Inside the rebellious Ranger, you’ll be spoiled to a new dark and cosy setting finished with luxurious elements that make this the pickup of your dreams.

Your front seats have been ‘reshaped and decorated with off-road seams and embossed motifs’ transforming the vehicle into a levelled up experience, and it goes without saying that the upholstery of the cabin is executed perfectly with top-quality leather and original Italian Alcantara®.

Close up shot of Alcantara seats

Your hands comfortably grip onto a reshaped, leather-trimmed steering wheel with a matching auto-gearshift that offers ‘a new dimension of comfort’ whilst bespoke rubber mats with stylish embossed motifs add a modest and unique touch to the floor of the customised Ranger.

Close up of automatic gearshift and drive setting dial

Carlex Design Sport upholstering includes black sporty front seats (reshaped & trimmed with black leather and quilted Alcantara®), rear seats (trimmed with black leather and quilted Alcantara®), central armrest (trimmed with black leather), door armrests (trimmed with black leather), gear knob shroud (trimmed with black leather), steering wheel (modified & reshaped, trimmed with black leather Limited Edition floor mats).

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