New cafe brings tasty, locally sourced home-made food to Loughborough

Do You Enjoy Tasty, Freshly Prepared Meals and Snacks That Cater For All Diets? Great, We Do Too! Thats Why Weve OPENED a Brand New Cafe At Sandi Loughborough.

A local car showroom isn’t the place where you’d generally expect to find a family-run cafe serving delicious home-made food. However, that’s exactly what Peppercorns has brought to Loughborough now that they have teamed up with Sandicliffe, one of the East Midlands’ most trusted motor retailers. Peppercorns is situated at our Derby Road site in Loughborough and, when you visit, you’ll benefit from a great range of hot and cold food, made from locally sourced ingredients. Whether you work around the corner and are looking for a sandwich for lunch, or if you want a relaxing coffee and one of Peppercorns’ specialist home-made cupcakes, the cafe is proving a big hit with the Loughborough public. “We’ve built up a loyal and extensive customer base over the last six years and we’re delighted to be offering the same great range of hot and cold food to our new customers in Loughborough,” says Peppercorns Managing Director, Cathy Cliffe. “Since we opened at the end of last year, favourites on our cafe menu have been our range of paninis including ham, brie and onion marmalade and tuna, pesto and rocket. “We employ an in-house baker who makes our amazing cupcakes – mint choc chip is the current favourite – and we always used local ingredients wherever possible. You will also find that we have a range of offers available and so we manage to offer great value as well as high quality food.”

Peppercorns at Sandicliffe Loughborough is the business’ third cafe and is set to become as firm a fixture as their existing shops in Barrow and Anstey. And, if you’re planning on popping in for a cappuccino or a bacon Panini, you’ll be served by the team who catered for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee visit in 2012. “Catering for the Queen’s visit to Leicester last year was a huge honour,” adds Cathy, MD of Peppercorns. “We made over 300 rounds of sandwiches for that occasion, but that was nothing compared to providing all the food for X-Factor winner Leona Lewis’ birthday party over three days in 2011!” Peppercorns is situated inside our Derby Road showroom in Loughborough. Nigel Falkiner, Head of Marketing at Sandicliffe, the new and used car experts, said: “When we decided to open a cafe in Loughborough, Peppercorns was our only choice. Not only is their food home-made and locally sourced but they offer great value and a wonderfully warm and welcoming environment. If you haven’t enjoyed a cuppa and their amazing cupcakes yet, I’d suggest you give it a try.”

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