Discover new MyMazda app features

The MyMazda mobile app has been upgraded and updated with a host of exciting new features. Find out what this means for Sandicliffe Mazda.

Discover new MyMazda app features

The MyMazda mobile app has been upgraded and updated with a host of exciting new features! Find out what this means for your Mazda ownership.

The MyMazda app already helps thousands of Mazda drivers in the UK to get the very best out of their vehicles. Available for both iPhone and Android and downloaded via the App Store or Google Play, the MyMazda app gives you unrivalled control of your vehicle. It also puts a wealth of driving information at your fingertips.

This useful smartphone application is the future of the MyMazda web service, which has been discontinued. However, all the information you have logged on your MyMazda web account will still be stored and ready for use with the MyMazda app. This includes any service history, maintenance schedule and driver manuals.

With improved levels of service and convenience, owning a Mazda just became even more fun. When you purchase a new, nearly new or used Mazda vehicle from Sandiclife, our expert team will be able to help you set up your application. Then, you can enjoy the ultimate level of Mazda driving convenience.

When you install the MyMazda app, you will be able to register your Mazda and view the vehicle’s maintenance schedule and service history. You can also download owner manuals to make your ownership more convenient. Then, with the dedicated aftercare provided by Sandicliffe, you can focus on enjoying the Mazda driving thrill.

The MyMazda app also makes it easier to keep your vehicle in perfect condition. You will be able to locate nearby Mazda dealers for your convenience. It will also have the contact details of every Mazda dealer in the area, so can book servicing and maintenance with ease. If you do run into trouble on the road, you can also use the app to request Mazda Roadside Assistance.

When you use the MyMazda app, you can also keep up to date with everything that is going on in the Mazda world. You can keep abreast of recall and service reminders and learn about the latest Mazda technology and developments. With quick links to the most popular Mazda webpages, the MyMazda app truly makes you feel a part of the Mazda family.

Electric car owners will benefit from several additional features. This includes monitoring your charging status and managing your charging schedule. You will also be able to pre-condition your vehicle temperature so that the car always has the perfect climate. If you’re looking for an electric Mazda vehicle, visit your local Sandicliffe dealership today.

Connecting your MyMazda app to your vehicle is incredibly easy. All you need to do is scan your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) using the scanner in the app. You can find the VIN number in several locations, including at the bottom of your vehicle’s windscreen, under the driver’s side floor mat and on a sticker on the driver’s door shut.

You will also be able to find the VIN on any documentation supplied by Sandicliffe, such as your invoice or finance agreement. It will also be listed on your vehicle registration document. If you are struggling to find your VIN, the specialist team at Sandicliffe will be able to help you. We can walk you through your app set-up and ensure everything is running smoothly.

If your household has more than one Mazda, the MyMazda app will make your vehicle management easier. You can register up to 10 vehicles on the app. As long as your vehicles are in the range of mobile data service, you can also connect over long distances. This has been proved by using the app on cars that are in a different country than the user.

Want to enter the future of Mazda driving? You need to use the MyMazda app with the new Mazda CX-5!

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