Motability | Discover The Benefits Of Joining The Motability Scheme

Find out how over 4 million people have benefited from joining the Motability Scheme and take advantage of our Just Add Fuel package.

Motability | Discover The Benefits Of Joining The Motability Scheme

There are many benefits to the Motability Scheme which is why the scheme continues to grow in popularity each year. A brand-new vehicle in exchange for your disability allowance can offer those with limited mobility a sense of freedom that can be invaluable to your day-to-day quality of life. The Motability Scheme covers a great number of motoring costs that come with buying a new vehicle which makes driving a brand-new car achievable for people who are unable to earn money through work due to disability or illness.

That’s the biggest advantage of the scheme – it’s simple, affordable and designed around you. Upon joining the Motability Scheme, you will have access to a whole range of benefits. Here are some of the main benefits you can take advantage of as a Motability customer:

You’re entitled to a brand-new car every three years as a Motability customer. This means you’re never left behind and can enjoy the best of the best when it comes to driving technology. For Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV), the renewal period is 5 years.

One of the greatest advantages of joining the Motability Scheme is that any additional motoring costs are all paid for, so all you need to do is add fuel! The Just Add Fuel package at Sandicliffe includes:

- A fully comprehensive insurance policy for up to 3 named drivers supplied by RSA Motability.

- Regular service and maintenance at no extra cost carried out at your local Sandicliffe dealership.

- Full Breakdown Assistance is supplied by the RAC, meaning you enjoy 3-5 years of worry-free driving.

- Annual vehicle road tax (VED) is covered.

- Free tyre replacements with Kwik Fit are available in the event of punctures or wear and tear.

- Windscreen repair and replacement is available at no extra cost.

- A generous 60,000 mileage allowance over 3-year leasing periods (100,000 for WAV).

- A variety of car adaptations are available at no extra cost.

- Loss or damage to your car

- Accidental damage

- Fire or theft

- Repair or replacement glass

- Adaptations and modifications (terms and conditions apply)

- Any accessories supplied with the car

- Replacement locks where keys have been stolen and the theft reported to the police

- Driving your car for voluntary or charitable work (terms and conditions apply)

- Travel to and from your normal place of work

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