MG is the fastest-growing car brand in the UK!

MG is the fastest-growing car brand in the UK. Discover the benefits of MG driving at Sandicliffe and see why they are so popular with UK drivers

MG is the fastest-growing car brand in the UK!

With 38,312 vehicles sold in the first nine months of the year, MG Motor UK has retained its position as the car brand in the UK with the fastest rate of growth.

With a market-leading selection of electric cars, MG is the fastest-growing automaker in the UK, inspiring more people than ever to transition to zero-emission driving. MG vehicles are now the 12th best-selling in the UK after selling more than 38,300 vehicles in the first nine months of 2022.

According to recent data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), MG\'s market share has climbed by 82% year over year, with sales in September 2022 representing an increase of 61% over September 2021. We are beyond happy to have MG as a member of the Sandicliffe family.

With roots dating back to 1924, MG is renowned for producing sporty, thrilling, and reasonably priced automobiles. With a reputation for superb design, cutting-edge technology, and great value for money, the firm is now establishing itself as a major player in the rapidly growing UK electric car sector.

Today\'s MGs are practical, roomy, and loaded with technology. They are designed in Marylebone, London, and made in cutting-edge facilities across multiple nations. From its ground-breaking new Modular Scalable Platform (MSP) to the perceptive iSmart car data app, MG is showing how forward-thinking and progressive it is.

MG is available to consumers everywhere in the UK with competent sales and aftersales provision thanks to a countrywide network of more than 150 dealerships, including here at Sandicliciffe. To make things even more appealing. all brand-new MG vehicles are constructed with premium materials and come with an extensive 7-year manufacturer\'s guarantee.

Guy Pigounakis, MG Motor UK’s Commercial Director, said: “The latest SMMT figures are extremely positive, reflecting the incredible growth we’ve achieved within the last 12 months. I have no doubt our new MG4 and MG5 models will be immensely popular with customers looking to make the switch to electric as we head towards 2023.”

As part of MG\'s wide selection of sporty, thrilling, and reasonably priced cars that embody its Get More attitude, award-winning models like the MG ZS EV and MG5 EV continue to be incredibly popular with consumers. Visit your nearby Sandicliffe dealership if you\'re eager to view one of these ground-breaking cars.

The MG ZS EV will take your driving into the future with its reasonable pricing and great range. This electric car is a dream come true for eco-conscious SUV enthusiasts since it builds on the fantastic crossover performance of the ordinary MG ZS with a strong battery. The MG ZS EV will always get you where you need to go with its long-range models that have a 273-mile range.

A pleasant and exhilarating ride is guaranteed with the MG5, an all-electric estate vehicle with plenty of space and range. Several trim grades are available, including the Excite, Exclusive, Long Range SE, and Trophy versions. Even greater EV driving comfort and a longer range are provided by the SE and Trophy variants.

You will benefit from all of the MG Pilot safety package\'s advantages. You and your passengers will always be safe and secure thanks to features like Lane Keep Assist, Traffic Jam Assist, and more. This is one of the most well-liked electric vehicles in the MG Range, along with the MG HS and MG ZS.

The history of MG in the automotive industry is tremendous. MG has occupied a prominent position on UK roads for over 100 years, but it has always kept an eye on the future. They have numerous new and improved automobiles coming to Sandicliffe MG dealerships soon, as you would anticipate from such a creative firm.

Drivers of hatchbacks now have access to a dash of sporty coupe styling thanks to the MG6. The MG6 will let you enjoy the functionality of a hatchback with a head-turning flare thanks to its "Star Rider" grille and "London" LED headlamps. We anticipate that this car will be incredibly well-liked since it builds on the outstanding MG3 hatchback.

Ready to join thousands of UK drivers behind the wheel of a brand-new MG? Get in touch with Sandicliffe today! Contact us!

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