Meet Our New Friend, Ben

Our partnership with Ben, the UK's number 1 automotive charity dedicated to helping those who work or have worked in the automotive industry.

Meet Our New Friend, Ben

Ever since opening shop in 1948, not a year has gone by where we haven’t put our people first. Our whole ethos relies on the care and well-being of our employees and our customers; we really are one great motoring family and our latest member has arrived – Ben.

How can Ben help me?

If ever you require any support or advice, Ben will be able to help you any time from 8am-8pm (weekdays only) via telephone, text, email and chat. Once you have been qualified as eligible, Ben will assign you with a highly trained client support advisor where you will receive tailored advice and guidance to help you get back on track. Below are just a few examples demonstrating how Ben could help you:

Am I eligible to benefit from Ben?

Ben is an independent charity devoted to the automotive industry and is proud to support any individual who is currently employed or was previously employed in the automotive, associated or allied trades or industries. Ben also supports any family dependents of the above. A full list of criteria can be found here.

Types of care

2. Dementia Care: tailored care to meet each individuals needs as the condition progresses

3. Short Stay Care: rehabilitative care post-op/illness e.g. physiotherapy, hydrotherapy…

Test your anxiety levels

You will find a plethora of useful resources when you browse Ben’s website online. One example includes a Mood Self-Assessment supplied by the NHS. If you’re worried about your mental health, why not take the free test today? If you need some tips on how to deal with mental health and anxiety, simply download the brochure below.

Improve your finances

From testimonials to top tips on how to improve your credit score, Ben provides a detailed account on how you can improve your financial health. One in six UK adults need financial help and with the aid of Ben’s tools online, you can plan a budget, calculate whether you are eligible for certain benefits and search for available grants.

Pain in the backside?

Over 600,000 people are injured in their place of work a year - don’t suffer in silence. Ben can help you deal with long term or chronic health conditions, serious injuries and terminal illnesses through a wide range of support. Read through Ben’s advice and tips surrounding physical wellbeing below as well as your rights and what the law says:

Ben online

Easily locate Ben on social media at the following places below:

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