Mazda MX-5 Meet at Sandicliffe Mazda Leicester

The very first Sandicliffe MX-5 Meetup was held at our Mazda dealership in Leicester. With over 30 Miata’s showing up from all generations.

 Mazda MX-5 Meet at Sandicliffe Mazda Leicester

MX-5 owners and enthusiasts enjoyed the event sharing their car stories and taking photos of some awesome examples displayed at the dealerships.

A line-up with the most classic Miatas from the first to the third generation welcomed everyone at the car park\'s entrance. Special mention to a very loud red MK1 brought by Sid GoPerformance, which attracted a lot of attention.

Some modified MK1 and MK2 were dotted around the carpark, showing off their massive wings, camber angled wheels and a great amount of carbon fibre, paying tribute to the Japanese car mod culture and drift car style.

The newest Mark 4 models were gathered at the building’s entrance. The latest iteration of the legendary Japanese car is still true to its origins, keeping the same essence and character as the original Miata.

Inside our Sandicliffe Mazda Leicester dealership, attendees enjoyed the presence of some of the best examples of each generation of the glorious MX-5, showing the evolution of this icon of the motor industry. A beautiful racing green MK1 was followed by the MK2 in electric blue. Next, a very special MK3 25th Anniversary Edition chassis number 0001, and finally two brand-new MK4s, including the spectacular RF hardtop convertible, a revolution in the MX-5’s history.

This year the iconic Mazda MX-5 turned 30 and at Sandicliffe Mazda Leicester we wanted to celebrate this date in car history by hosting this Miata meet up for both owners and enthusiasts across the East Midlands.

The Mazda MX-5 is the world’s bestselling 2-seater sports car. The idea of a lightweight, two-seater roadster was created by American journalist Bob Hall. In February 1989, at the Chicago Auto Show, the idea was finally brought to life with the first-generation MX-5 Miata (“Eunos Roadster” in Japan) shocking the auto industry.

The turnout was amazing thanks in a great part to the MX-5 Owners Club. We would like to thank the many people that attended the event and helped bring it together. Sandicliffe Mazda Leicester look forward to hosting more events like this in the future so make sure you keep an eye on our website and social media.

For more photos of the event, visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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