Looking for a van? Why You Should Choose an Automatic.

Throughout the years we have seen the rise of automatic vans become increasingly popular and here’s why…

An automatic transmission is a type of transmission that automatically changes gear, this allows the driver to focus better on driving and not have to worry about being in the right gear/ changing gear.

Automatic transmissions are considerably easier to driver over a manual as you only have to focus on 2 pedals, the accelerator and the brake because of this it takes away some of the stress of driving in the city where speeds can vary causing you to constantly have to change gear.

With an automatic, you will also spend less time trying to work out when the best time is to change gear and prevent your gears from grinding and damaging your transmission. An automatic will make the transitions between the gears smoother and accurate.

Automatics tend to hold their value a lot better than any manual vehicle which can make them great as a lucrative investment, this is partly because they are easier to drive and easier to maintain. If you are looking to invest in an automatic van, Ford is one of the only manufacturers to offer a fully automatic option across its Award-Winning Transit Range. This includes the: Transit Courier, Transit Connect, Ford Ranger, Transit Custom and Ford Transit. All available from your local Sandicliffe Ford Transit Centre.

As the van is changing gear for you, it will always select the best gear for fuel consumption. This in-turn could save you a small fortune throughout the years and will mean you won’t have to visit the petrol station as often.

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