Local Triathlete Tim Kos Tries Out The All-New Ford Edge

Local Triathlete Tim Kos takes the all-new Ford Edge for a spin around Nottingham and lets us know his opinion of this new SUV.

Tim Kos is the organiser of local Tri club AV Tri and also heavily involved in MAMIL (middle aged men in lycra). He is also active in another local Triathlon team and recently reviewed the all-new Ford Edge at our FordStore, Trent Bridge. Tim test-drove the Ford Edge over a period of two days, testing the Edge’s capability in urban areas and utilising all of the intelligent features.

After 2 days of driving the Ford Edge here\'s my honest review of what I thought about the all-new Ford SUV. This won\'t cover stats like bhp/mpg which you can find anywhere as I can\'t talk the ‘torque’!

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