Kia Hits Another Record in April

Another fantastic month for Kia with record high sales, a true testament to the quality and performance across the range.

Kia Hits Another Record in April

Kia’s Power to Surprise strikes once again as the South Korean car manufacturer saw a rise in sales by 8.7 per cent despite the market for new cars being down by 4 per cent. Kia hit a new record high reaching a figure of 7,472 sales last month alone, bringing Kia Motors up by over 5 per cent in its year-to-date sales report (resulting in a reputable total of 37,426 sales).

Kia’s April statistics are a true testament to the quality and performance across the range of outstanding vehicles, particularly the New Sportage which sold 2,585 units in April alone (a 5.6 per cent increase from last year). The Sportage unquestionably leaves a superb impression everywhere it goes, and it is no surprise that it is the brand’s best-selling model.

Paul Philpott, President and Chief Executive of Kia Motors (UK) Limited shared: “Bucking the downward trend in the new car market shows that customers and our 192 dealers see real benefit in the Kia range.”

He continued by highlighting the three reasons behind Kia’s latest achievement: “Excellent quality, sensible pricing and an outstanding customer experience are behind our success and we are very grateful to our customers and our dealer network for this on-going enthusiasm for Kia.”

Here at Sandicliffe, we are very proud of the achievements Kia has been able to enjoy so far and would like to thank all of our customers who have contributed to this success. We welcome all of you to visit our Sandicliffe Kia showrooms where you can explore the range in more depth and detail. Better yet, experience for yourself Kia’s Power to Surprise and book a test drive today!

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