Introducing the INEOS Grenadier 1924

The first-ever limited edition Grenadier 1924, celebrating 100 years of the iconic British outerwear brand. The Grenadier 1924 is built for those who want to push their limits.

The first-ever limited edition Grenadier 1924

Serious Capability and Unique Design:

To mark Belstaff's monumental first centenary and their partnership with INEOS, every Grenadier 1924 model comes with unique badging that sets it apart from the rest. The exterior of the vehicle is adorned with '1 of 1924' plaques, signifying the limited edition nature of this special edition Grenadier. These plaques can be found on the A-pillar, showcasing the exclusivity of being one of only 1924 lucky owners of this commemorative vehicle.

Inside the cabin, above the glovebox, another '1 of 1924' plaque proudly displays the uniqueness of this Grenadier. But the special touches don't stop there. The side intake of the vehicle showcases a striking orange Belstaff centenary logo, adding a pop of colour to the rugged exterior.

And for those who find themselves gazing up, the overhead console features a standout Belstaff phoenix logo, symbolising the resilience and enduring spirit of both Belstaff and the Grenadier itself. These unique badges serve not only as a celebration of Belstaff's impressive 100-year legacy but also as a reminder of the strength, capability, and one-of-a-kind design that defines the Grenadier 1924.

Style that lasts a century deserves to be celebrated, and the Grenadier 1924 is both great looking and a seriously assured drive. Belstaff has been trusted by the generations of bikers, sportspeople and trend setter, so we know we’re in good company” 

Lynn Calder, CEO INEOS Automotive

Inside the Grenadier 1924

When it comes to the interior of the Grenadier 1924, every detail has been carefully considered. The dark green finish on the dashboard, centre stack, and door cards instantly make a statement, setting this vehicle apart from the rest. The switchgear and overhead console also feature this unique finish, adding to the distinctive look of the interior.

But it's not just about looks - the black saddle leather that covers the steering wheel, handbrake grip, and instrument panel grab handle is not only elegant but also rugged and durable. As you use these components day in and day out, the leather will wear to create a unique patina that is individual to you. This Driver's Pack is the perfect complement to the dark headlining in the Grenadier 1924, creating a sophisticated and cohesive interior.

Speaking of the dark headlining, the Orbit Grey colour helps to create a calm and cockpit-like atmosphere inside the vehicle. It not only looks sleek and modern but also hides dirt and fingerprints, making it easy to maintain the pristine look of the interior. Paired with the black leather Recaro seats and dark trim, the dark headliner completes the luxurious and refined look of the Grenadier 1924 interior. 

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