Gloworm 2021 Roundup!

Find out what we got up to at Gloworm Festival 2021!

Gloworm 2021 Roundup!

We always enjoy our time at GloWorm and this year was no exception!

Becki, Luke, Jo and Alistair manned the Sandicliffe stand ready to chat to the guests and their little ones at the family friendly festival.

Our ever popular draw on a car was a resounding success! Crowds gathered and jostled for space on the car to make their mark, we had mini-Michaelangelo’s and pint sized Picasso’s drawing on our car, turning it into a metal canvas that was fun for all the family.

Batman himself wanted to join in the fun and dropped by the stand to draw his bat signal on the bonnet of our car to make sure we could summon him to fight any wrong doers! Thankfully, the event passed without a hitch, and we know we slept easier knowing Batman was watching over us.

Another visitor of note was the incredible T-Rex from the Dino Kingdom that came over to join in the family fun, of course being a T-Rex he struggled to write on the car, but his handlers signed the car on his behalf!

We think festivals are the perfect time to unless your inner rock star, and we loved seeing the children playing with the inflatable instruments pretending to be rock stars and singing along in our Juke-box carpool karaoke!

All in all, we had a fantastic day talking to parents and children alike, we’re all pretty tired but we can’t wait until next year!

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