FordPass: The one-stop mobility app

The FordPass app is designed to let you have control over your vehicle and to make your commute easier, it’s basically every car app you will ever need in one.

One of the main features of the app is the ability to find, schedule and reserve parking spaces. FordPass Park is only available for busy cities and it allows you to pay for a parking spot on your phone then all you need to do is present your phone at the car park. Whether you’re on your way to somewhere, and can’t find a spot, or you are planning ahead, you can use the app to locate a parking space then chose when you want to use it.

Another helpful feature, is that the app can show you nearby fuel stations along with the fuel grade, the brand and the price. You can also add your vehicle and get information about its service history and it will alert you when your car needs servicing. FordPass Perks; Within in the app you can also enter competitions and win prizes.

Used in conjunction with Ford Sync, Fords interactive dashboard that can be found in most modern Ford cars. You can control your car from the app, the app allows you to do anything from opening the doors, to starting the engine. This would be helpful for example if its winter you can start up your car to warm it up whist in the comfort of your own living room.

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