Ford SYNC: The Complete Guide

Discover the changes between the integrated in-vehicle communications and entertainment systems offered by Ford.

In-car infotainment systems are high on the agenda when buying a new car. From connecting your smartphone via Apple Car Play and Android Auto to adding a location into your Satnav with your voice, this is now an important factor in the car buying process, to improve the safety of the car by never having to take your hands off the wheel.

The first generation of SYNC allows you to instruct the system to perform simple tasks using voice recognition. Ford SYNC is really easy to navigate and a simple instruction “phone, call home” will call the number under the name ‘home’ stored in the smartphone which is connected to the system.

While SYNC offers phonebook calling using your contact names, SYNC 2 offers a more intuitive version of this feature. An additional improved feature of the SYNC 2 system is that you can send a customized message using voice control as well as reading messages aloud.

Not only can you now control multiple functions with SYNC, but a range of apps are now available with SYNC 2, meaning you can tailor the system specifically to your needs. Apps such as Spotify and Cityseeker can be accessed through your connected smartphone thanks to Applink. To access the apps which are compatible you can browse the Ford app catalogue.

Check out all the new features for the SYNC 3 here:

With SYNC you can use your voice to make a simple request. Whether you want to make a call or change the radio channel you can simply ask SYNC to perform the task. SYNC is tailored to your vehicle and the technology it has to inhibit confusion of what you can request of your vehicle. The enhanced voice controls found in SYNC 2 and the further enhancements found in the SYNC 3, now respond to a more simplified and adulate grammar, meaning you can speak more naturally to get the system to complete tasks.

To use the voice, control the driver simply presses the button located on the steering wheel and states the command intended. When the voice button is activated, a list of previous commands is shown on the screen so that a reoccurring duty is even easier to perform.

If you are looking for a car which has an infotainment system which is easy to use with minimal distraction to your driving and enables you to stay in touch whilst on the road, Ford SYNC, Ford SYNC 2 and SYNC 3 should make your choice much easier.

To get the most out of your Ford SYNC we recommend that you download the FordPass app that works in conjunction with Ford SYNC as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto .

Check out this quick How-To video about the app.

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