Ford finally announces that right hand drive Mustang will go on sale in UK

The Eagerly Anticipated Ford Mustang Muscle Car Is Finally Making Its Way To The UK. But Will The UK Version Be Any Different From The American Version?

After ten years without a two door sports car, Ford has announced that the new Ford Mustang is going to be made available to UK buyers. And, more excitingly, it will finally arrive in a right hand drive version. The next generation muscle car is set to arrive at Ford dealers in 2015 and will finally allow British motorists to own a right hand drive version of Ford’s iconic sports car. The new Ford Mustang is said to be based on a modified version of the rear drive platform that has underpinned the car since 2005. It is likely to feature a powerful 300bhp 3.7 litre V6 engine or a 250bhp four-cylinder turbo EcoBoost engine, most likely of two-litre capacity. Adam Ferdinando, Head of New Cars Sales at Sandicliffe, one of the East Midlands’ most trusted motor retailers, said: “The British motoring public have been waiting years for Ford to finally release a right hand drive Mustang. Now, the company has finally bowed to demands from enthusiasts and the famous sports car will be available to you from 2015. “The new Ford Mustang will be the first two door sports car in the Ford range since the Cougar ten years ago and will let a generation of drivers experience what it is like to drive a true muscle car.”

Autocar reports that ‘the styling will retain the strong fastback flavour of the two recent Mustangs, although the dimensions are tipped to tighten a little, which should suit British roads better.’ Mr Ferdinando added: “One of Ford’s biggest challenges will be to re-engineer the car to accept right hand drive. It will involve repositioning key engine components from the engine and front axle to fit the new setting rack and steering column, which is no easy job.” Reports also suggest that Ford will equip the next generation Mustang with an independently suspended rear axle. Popular American competitors such as the Chevrolet Camaro and Chrysler Challenger have appeared with independent rear ends and industry insiders have noted that Ford may ditch their traditional live-axle for this model. Mr Ferdinando from Sandicliffe, the well-known Ford dealers, added: “We’re delighted that the Mustang is finally going to available to you in a right hand drive model for the first time. With a powerful 300 brake horse power engine Ford are, at last, bringing one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time to the East Midlands.”

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