Feel the Spark with the Nissan Leaf this September!

Celebrate all things electric this September at Sandicliffe as the Gold Leaf pops by and Electric September promises big savings on the Nissan Leaf!

Gonna rock down to electric avenue… well Sandicliffe Nissan Abbeyfield Road actually. As this September is officially all things electric! To celebrate the Gold Nissan Leaf is touring the lengths of the UK!

nissan gold leaf - abbeyfield road

With electric & hybrid vehicles becoming a more common sight across the UK, Nissan’s Electric September celebrates the advantages of switching. Electric vehicles are essential in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport. Not only does the Leaf have zero emissions, fully charging your Leaf costs around £0.02p per mile and can be done from the comfort of your own home!

Although ULEVs (ultra-low emission vehicles) are still fairly expensive due to the relatively new technology used, government grants and special events like Electric September bring prices down. The advance in battery life (155 miles from a single charge!) also means that the driving range is forever extending to provide a Leaf with longevity when it comes to longer commutes. 98% of motorway service stations are also now equipped with rapid chargers, with the aim for charging stations to outnumber fossil fuel filling stations by 2020! Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) expressed the industry’s interest in investing billions of pounds to develop new electric and hybrid models. In just five years the range of makes available has increased from just five to more than 30!

Nissan have also recently teamed up with Uber on a new project, supplying 20 Leaf hatchbacks in London. The trial will determine the feasibility of running EVs for ride-sharing whilst gathering data on whether more EVs will improve air quality. The project could extend nationwide, way ahead of London’s planned ‘Ultra Low Emissions Zone’ set for 2020.

Ecotricity, the Electric Highway charging network have called for a new target for two-thirds of cars and vans to be ULEVs by 2030. Air quality is a big factor and an incentive for committees to work closer with government to provide more incentives when choosing electric.

Nissan’s Electric September event celebrates the many reasons to choose the Nissan Leaf or Nissan ENV200. Make the switch today to take advantage of the following:

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