FAQ: How Does Coronavirus Affect Motability Scheme Customers?

Frequently asked questions regarding Coronavirus and its impact on Motability Scheme customers.

FAQ: How Does Coronavirus Affect Motability Scheme Customers?

Motability is back open at Sandicliffe. Please book your appointment to renew your Motability car today.

As of 27th March 2020

Despite our best efforts to stay open, recent government announcements have resulted in the difficult decision of temporary closure. As a result, our Motability Scheme customers may be affected:

The latest Government announcements will have a major impact on the Scheme, with many dealerships now closing. This means that we do not expect dealers to process any further orders, or manage handovers, or car returns.”

Both Sandicliffe and the Motability Scheme are committed to continue supporting all of its users where possible and in order to answer your questions to the best of our ability, we have created a detailed FAQ section regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

As all dealerships are now closed pending further notice, the Motability Scheme will apply a 6-month lease extension to all Motability customers who are approaching the end of their lease.

This 6-month extension will be applied automatically so there is no need to contact the Scheme. You will also receive a Certificate of Motor Insurance or temporary cover from RSA Motability to cover you during this 6-month period.

Should anything change, the Scheme will be in touch where it is possible.

Following government regulation, our dealerships that supply the Scheme have now been forced to close. If you are an existing member of the Scheme and have a mobility vehicle you currently drive, your lease on this vehicle will automatically be extended a further 6 months to ensure you are not left without a vehicle during this period of uncertainty.

You will also receive a Certificate of Motor Insurance or temporary cover from RSA Motability to cover you during this 6-month period.

If you are not an existing customer and this was your first application to lease a vehicle on the Scheme, unfortunately the delivery of your vehicle will now be delayed as we are not able to carry out any new vehicle hand-over. We apologise whole-heartedly for any inconvenience this may cause and will prioritise your appointment when we re-open.

Unfortunately, due to the latest government regulations, both the Scheme and Sandicliffe cannot take applications for a new car at this time. We hope that you are able to stay mobile using your existing method of transport and hope that we can welcome you as a customer later in the year.

Once your leasing period has ended, you are free to hand back your car. If you plan to do this, please call 0300 465 4566 to make arrangements.

The Scheme plan to pay all Good Condition Bonuses on the original lease end date for your car. This may take longer than usual given the circumstances, but rest assured the Scheme are doing all they can to make this process possible remotely.

Please refrain from contacting the Scheme on this matter unless it has been 2 months or more since your Good Condition Bonus was due and you have still not received your cheque.

If we have already agreed a price for your car, this will be the price you will pay once we are able to deliver it.

You can add up to 3 named drivers with your lease. This can be family members, friends or carers. If you need to urgently change or add a new driver, please call RSA Motability on 0300 037 3737. In order to add your new driver to the insurance policy right away, please ensure they are with you when you make this call.

Select MOT centres remain open for vehicles due before 31st March. Any vehicle due after this date will automatically receive a government-instated 6-month MOT exemption.

If your vehicle’s MOT is due before 31st March, you can book in with us now. We are operating on a very small scale and appointments will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you are self-isolating you should book the MOT after the period of self-isolation is over. Alternatively, you can ask a named driver to take the vehicle to be tested instead.

Non-essential service, maintenance and repairs are likely to be cancelled as dealers close, but the RAC will continue to offer an emergency breakdown service.

In the highly unfortunate event of a customer passing away during their leasing period, a member of their family, friend or carer should contact the Scheme as soon as possible.

The simplest way of notifying the Scheme is to fill out a Notification of a Customer Passing Away form or calling them on 0300 456 4566. A member of the Scheme will take you through the next steps accordingly.

The Scheme will be able to apply a lease extension for you if your lease is due to expire before your re-assessment was meant to take place. Simply call them on 0300 456 4566 and explain your situation.

In the event that you are stranded abroad with your Motability vehicle and your lease is due to expire, please call the Scheme on 0300 456 4566 and explain your situation. They will be able to extend your lease by 6 months to prevent any further processing issues.

For breakdown assistance and emergency help with your vehicle, please call the RAC on 0800 73 111 73.

For any urgent insurance queries, please call RSA Motability on 0300 037 3737.

To book an urgent Service or MOT please use the booking form below.

We hope this has helped answer your questions. Please be aware that we are monitoring this rapidly changing situation regularly and should anything that affects you change regarding the Motability Scheme, we will keep you notified and updated here. If your question hasn\'t been answered and you would like to get in touch, please complete the short form in link below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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