Could Ford's Peer-2-Peer Program Make Car Sharing a Big Deal?

They say sharing is caring, but with Ford's Peer-2-Peer car sharing program you can also save a lot of money! Find out more about Ford's latest venture here.

On 23rd June, Ford announced that they would be taking a bold step into the car sharing or ‘car club’ scene, with their Peer-2-Peer Car Sharing pilot program. The program will run for six months, allowing 14,000 Ford Credit customers in the USA and 12,000 in London to take part. Here in the UK, Ford have teamed up with EasyCar Club to connect leasers and drivers effectively.

This isn’t the first time Londoners have tested the waters with car sharing though. The GoDrive car sharing service was launched in May, providing a one-way, pay-per-minute service (where you don’t have to return the car to its original location) and guaranteed city centre parking. This Peer-to-Peer program is the next step into creating a more caring, sharing way of getting around London.

Car sharing lets car owners rent their vehicle out for a specified period of time, often charging it’s user by the hour. By connecting with renters and users via website software, you can easily participate and make arrangements online. In the case of the Peer-2-Peer program, Ford Credit have used EasyCar Club’s software alongside a pre-screening process to make renting your car safe and secure.

There are a number of enticing benefits to Ford’s car sharing program which apply to car renters and users.

• Cut the cost of financing your vehicle by off-setting monthly fees
• Get more use out of the vehicle when it would otherwise just be parked
• Easy and stress-free to find potential users
• Advanced online software allows you to connect with participants across London
• Safe and secure pre-screening process before renting your car
• Car will be returned to you at the end of its use

• A simple online resource to find local car renters in your area
• Cheaper pay-as-you-go alternative to purchasing a car or getting it on finance
• Only pay for the car when you need it

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