Can You Afford NOT To Service Your Car?

Can You Really Afford NOT To Service Your Car? We've Discovered That Servicing Your Car Regularly Can Actually Save You money!

A new survey of drivers has found that the majority of motorists are guilty of putting off the regular servicing of their car. Over half of those polled admitted they delayed routine servicing, with women more likely to put off maintenance than men.

There are lots of different types of service varying from a summer/winter service to a full manufacturer’s service. Generally speaking, when you take your car in for a service you will find that the mechanic will:

More detailed services will cover other important areas of your car. A good mechanic will give you a report highlighting any essential work or any repairs that are due in the next few months.

While 62 per cent of drivers put off a service for cost reasons, not having your car regularly maintained can often be false economy.

Diane de Voghel of the European Automobile Manufacturers\' Association (ACEA) says: “An unserviced vehicle is likely to have a shorter life expectancy and higher fuel costs, whilst potentially being more unsafe.”

For example, putting off a simple oil change can result in your engine oil becoming coagulated, meaning it does not lubricate your engine as it should. This can lead to significant engine damage which may cost you significantly more to repair.

Having your car regularly serviced can identify and deal with minor problems before they develop in to bigger and more expensive concerns.

A regular service will involve a trained mechanic checking the safety features on your car – including your brakes, steering and tyres. While an annual MOT would pick up any problems, waiting a year to have your tyres or brakes checked is a very long time when it’s easy for them to become damaged.

Rupert Lipton, managing director at the National Motorists Action Group, says: “It is so easy to have cuts and damaged sidewalls, particularly on modern low-profile tyres. Unlike things like brake fluid and coolant, there’s no warning light to tell the driver that the tyre is seriously damaged.”

Having your car regularly serviced and being able to sell it with a full service history can help you achieve a better sale price.

2011 research from a leading auto company found that drivers who service their cars regularly can increase the resale value of their used vehicle by up to £1,500. The research also found that a third of car buyers would not purchase a used vehicle unless it had a full service history.

David White from the company that carried out the research said: “It’s accepted that a fully stamped service book will increase the re-sale value of a car, but this research has been able to put a figure on it.”

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