Benefit from the future of in-car technology - in a van

New Vans Are Now Getting The Same Level Of Technology As New Cars! Do Your Work In Comfort With This New 'In-Van' Technology!

Voice activated audio, text messages read out to you while you’re driving and a built-in emergency assist service. These may sound like fantasy inventions from a science fiction movie but they’re actually real - and coming to a van near you. Ford has developed a voice-activated communications system called SYNC which they are rolling out to all of their new vehicles by 2015. But, you don’t have to wait to benefit from this amazing new technology as it is already available – but not necessarily in the model you might expect. Nigel Falkiner, head of our marketing team, explains. He said: “The SYNC system has been developed in partnership with Microsoft and works with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and portable media players. It incorporates a number of brilliant technologies including voice activated hands-free calling and audible text message read back, which means that the system converts text messages to speech and reads them out to you. “While it’s the sort of technology you’d expect to see in top of the range luxury cars, SYNC is now available on the new Ford Transit Custom range. So, you now not only benefit from a superbly built Transit van but also a state of the art communications system. You won’t find this on a Volkswagen, Citroen, GM or Audi van.” SYNC also offers other features. Working with an MP3 player or mobile phone it also features a voice activated audio system which lets you browse and play your music collection by artist, song title, album or even genre.

And, the SYNC system is designed with safety in mind. One of its most important features is Emergency Assistance. Once you have paired your mobile phone with the SYNC system, you will be directly connected to local emergency services in the event of a severe collision that deploys an airbag or activates the fuel cut-off. Nigel added: “In the event of a serious accident, you know that the SYNC system will automatically contact the emergency services with your location. Combined with voice activated technology which means you never have to take your eyes off the road, SYNC offers new Ford Transit Custom drivers a number of benefits which could mean the difference between life and death. “Once you add features such as audible turn by turn satellite navigation, a USB port and personalised reports on the condition of your car, SYNC is at the forefront of vehicle technology. And, we’re delighted that our Ford commercial customers will be some of the first to benefit from this superb new system.”

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