Are you one of the UK's most annoying drivers?

The Roads Are Full Of Annoying Drivers. From Speed Freaks To Simple Lapses Of Courtesy, But What Really Annoys You When You're Driving?

Who are the UK\'s most annoying drivers? Long distance commercial vehicle drivers? Young male motorists? Or taxi drivers? Well, you may be surprised to learn which category of road users has been voted the most annoying. A new poll from insurer Admiral has found that elderly drivers irritate more road-users than anyone else. The survey asked more than 3,000 people which road users they find most annoying as part of its annual Admiral Survey of Motorists with YouGov.

Older drivers topped the list, followed by taxi drivers and cyclists. Richard Hobbs, Group Used Car Manager at Sandicliffe, the East Midlands’ leading Ford, Nissan, Kia and Mazda dealer, said: “I’m surprised that more people find elderly drivers more annoying than other road users. According to the survey, 41 per cent of drivers find older drivers the most irritating. “This is a far higher percentage than are bothered by groups such as young male motorists or drivers of used vans who have a reputation for poor driving.” Sue Longthorn, Admiral managing director, said, "It\'s surprising to see that such a high number of people voted for elderly motorists which shows they\'ve obviously hit a nerve with the driving public. "The reason so many people find elderly motorists irritating could be because they tend to drive more carefully and are not in such a rush compared to many other road users. So many motorists are in a rush these days they get impatient with anyone they think is slowing them down." In the past, drivers of new and used vans and female motorists have traditionally been singled out as bad drivers. However, there are signs that these stereotypes are no longer applicable. Just over a third (34 per cent) of respondents to the survey identified van drivers as the most annoying and just 14 per cent said women drivers irritated them most.

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