All You Need To Know About The All-New Ford Focus RS

The all-new Ford RS 2016 is stirring up excitement everywhere. Get the must-know info on specs, price, features & how you can preview it at FordStore Leicester

It was unveiled at Geneva Motor Show in March and made its first public driving appearance at Goodwood Festival of Speed. In the space of a few months, the all-new Ford Focus RS has been firmly on the radar of hot hatch enthusiasts everywhere – and with great reason. It is the first Focus to feature all-wheel-drive, boasts over 316bhp and shares the same engine as the 2015 Ford Mustang!

Get the low-down on this formidable driving machine ahead of its early 2016 release; the pre-order waiting list is growing!

It’s been made clear that the all-new For Focus RS is to have no gimmicks, exaggerations or extras that don’t serve a purpose. This sets the 2016 RS above the typical boy-racer cars out there and gives it a definite feel of class. But who better to explain this than Ernesto Rupar, Ford Europe’s supervisor exterior designer:

“It was felt the old RS’s look would be over the top for this new car. Everything you see on the new RS has been added for a purpose; there’s nothing unnecessary.

“We went through around five designs to get to this – one of the designs had air vents on the bonnet, but they had no real purpose so they went…We were looking at the RS3 and its classy style.”

Design features include:
- Huge side air vents on the front bumper
- Aggressive, flared grille
- Visible intercooler
- RS badge-branded rear spoiler
- Two-angled exhaust

Take a look at the all-new Ford Focus RS in the gallery below, released by Auto Express:

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