All New Ford Focus Insurance Prices Dropped

The All New 2015 Ford Focus Is Seeing a Reduction in Insurance Prices Due To Fords Ground-breaking Technology! Find Out Why...

The Ford Focus is one of the UK\'s best-selling cars with drivers loving its practicality, safety and its superb drive. What Car? singled out the car\'s lots of safety equipment\' for praise and now the innovative safety technology included as standard on two Focus models is helping to bring your running costs down.

Thatcham have announced that they are to reduce the insurance rating on the Focus Titanium and Focus Titanium X models because of Ford\'s market-leading Active City Stop technology. The built-in safety system is designed to help avoid collisions at low speeds and is so effective that Thatcham believe the car should be cheaper to insure.

Adam Ferdinando, head of Ford Car Sales at Sandicliffe, the East Midlands new and used Ford experts, said: "The Active City Stop system is fitted as standard on the Focus Titanium and Titanium X models along with other premium features including Hill Start Assist, dual electronic automatic temperature control air conditioning, automatic headlights and wipers and a Thatcham Category 1 alarm.

"Active City Stop senses obstacles at low speeds and if it thinks that a collision with a slow-moving or stationary object is likely it will activate the brakes to avoid or mitigate an accident. Combined with Ford\'s other leading safety features it helps to keep both the driver and passengers safe on the road."

Now, Thatcham have announced that the system is so effective that it has downgraded the insurance cost on two Ford Focus models. The Ford Focus Titanium and Titanium X boast Active City Stop as standard and these two models will now fall into a lower insurance grade.

For example, a 1.5 litre Ford Focus EcoBoost Titanium (6 speed manual) will now be insurance grade 17, down from the previous insurance grade of 19.

Mr Ferdinando from Sandicliffe added: "CarBuyer says that \'with Titanium spec, the Focus is a great car just to be in\' and Active City Stop is just one reason why buyers love the Focus Titanium. If you\'re looking for a well-equipped and safe family car then the Focus Titanium and Titanium X are great choices - and the insurance just got cheaper."

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