A-Level Results Come At The Perfect Time

Wanting to celebrate your hard work but don’t think you have the funds? We make it possible with Sandicliffe Young Drivers.

A-Level Results Come At The Perfect Time

You’ve finally got your A-Level results in your hands and you can start planning your future! And while you’re still in the flow of things we didn’t want you to lose your drive - so as a way of rewarding your hard work and celebrating your achievements over the past two years, we’ve put together some fantastic deals that you just won’t be able to say no to!

Whether you’re off to university or you’re on the way to securing your dream job, we want to make your journey to greatness better and more affordable than you might have imagined - introducing Sandicliffe Young Drivers.

Get your head turned when you feel an instant connection with one of our hand-selected new and affordable cars. Will you fall in love with the fierce Ford Fiesta, or will the Kia Picanto be your perfect match? Why don’t you #SwipeWithSandicliffe and find out?

Swipe right if the car is a bit of you >

< Swipe left if you’re not ready to put all your eggs in one basket

We know what you’re thinking, and yes, those prices are correct! But what’s even more amazing are the reasons for choosing a brand-new car from Sandicliffe. Buying a car as a first-time driver can sometimes be just as stressful as studying endless hours for an exam you just can’t wait to see the back of, but with Sandicliffe Young Drivers, we do all the hard work for you:

With all that said, which car have you decided to couple up with?

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