Mazda: Japanese design, global icon.

Mazda’s revolutionary design is inspired by Japanese Jinba Ittai philosophy with the principles of Kodo design. Learn more at Sandicliffe Mazda.

Mazda: Japanese design, global icon.

Mazda has a reputation for delivering state-of-the-art vehicles. But did you know that their success is directly linked to their Japanese design philosophy?

Hearing the name Mazda conjures several images in your mind as soon as you hear it. Whether its sleek design, ultimate comfort or thrilling adventures on the road, Mazda has left a lasting impression on drivers all around the world. No matter what Mazda memories you have, one thing is guaranteed - the unique design philosophy behind Mazda vehicles provides an unforgettable driving experience.

Mazda blends the unique tenets of Japanese philosophy to craft vehicles unlike anything else in the world. From small and medium cars like the Mazda2 and Mazda3, all the way to SUVs like the Mazda CX-5 and Mazda CX-30, dedicated attention to detail is always apparent in the design elements. With eye-catching bodywork and revolutionary interiors, every Mazda vehicle is a masterpiece of Japanese design.

Inspired by the inseparable relationship between riders and their horses, Mazda aims to tailor each of its vehicles to move you physically and spiritually. Mazda calls this sense of oneness between the car and the driver “Jinba Ittai”. Every Mazda car is designed to be a true extension of your being that provides maximum driving pleasure.

This concept began in 1989 when Mazda released the revolutionary MX-5. And they have been developing and growing this concept with every vehicle that has been released since. A breathtaking design has been combined with revolutionary technology to craft a unique driving experience that leaves absolutely nothing to chance.

Takeo Kijima has been responsible for implementing the Jinba Ittai in each of Mazda’s new vehicles. He said, “when the car and driver are in perfect harmony, driving is fun. A horse and rider communicate through tactile response. The horse adjusts its gait to allow the archer to release his arrow.”

He goes on to explain that Maza aims to replicate this relationship with all of its vehicles.

Kijima added, “the location of the shift lever, whether it’s more in the front, off to the side or farther back, will determine what muscles are used to operate it. We need to balance the amount of strength needed to feel oneness.”

Mazda’s revolutionary approach to designing vehicles aims to constantly improve their offering and provide incredible and surprising driving experiences. Their Kodo design philosophy has been breathing new life into the car industry since its inception in 2010. These principles have been the driving force behind the award-winning styling of the latest Mazda range that has recently won Red Dot and World Car Awards design awards.

The three main elements of Koda design are Yohaku or Ma: the beauty of empty space, Sori: curves with poise and balance and Utsuroi: the play of light and shade. By considering ‌these tents when designing new vehicles, Mazda is constantly evolving its offering and revolutionising a new generation of driving that strives to bring a new level of artistry to the automotive industry.

“We used Yohaku or Ma for both the exterior and interior of the CX-30,” explains Jo Stenuit, Design Director for Mazda Europe. “It is based on our second phase of Kodo, which is all about creating emotional designs with the fewest possible elements. Basically, going back to the roots of good car design: only use the elements you really need and fine-tune them the best you can”.

Combining the unique Jinba Ittai philosophy with the principles of Kodo design will continue to evolve their range, assuring that future Mazda vehicles continue to grow their reputation for revolutionary driving. “The design is a constant evolution, the design teams across the world discuss it every day and continue to enhance, refine and sculpt for future products,” concludes Jo Stenuit.

The entire team at Sandicliffe is always excited when a new Mazda vehicle arrives in our dealerships. If you want to truly understand what it means to channel the very best of Japanese design philosophy, you need to get behind the wheel of a brand new Mazda. If you want to test drive any of the fantastic Mazda range, head to your local Sandicliffe Mazda dealership or contact our team today!

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