Introducing the All-New Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke has been a highly successful car since its launch in 2010. Sales of the current-generation Juke have continued to grow, with 2023 being its best-selling year yet. To maintain this success, Nissan is introducing a mid-life update for the Juke. The update aims to enhance connectivity, quality, interior design, and safety to keep the car ahead of its competition. Here are the key changes:

Improved Interior: The infotainment screen has been increased in size to 12.3 inches and is now inclined towards the driver, making it easier to reach and improving the cockpit-feeling. New features include speed camera and fuel price information displayed on the navigation map, the ability to play video content from USB devices when the car is stationary, and wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Iconic Yellow Returns: The All-New Juke brings back the popular yellow exterior color option from the first-generation Juke. The new yellow is slightly paler, creating a modern and impactful look. Additional changes to the exterior palette include new Pearl White and Pearl Black options.

The New N-Sport Trim: A new grade called N-Sport emphasizes the Juke's dynamic qualities with unique exterior and interior details. The N-Sport interior features a matching yellow highlight that runs across the top of the instrument panel, angles down to frame the new central infotainment screen, and finishes at the air vents.

Enhanced Driver Assistance Features: The Juke now comes standard with Intelligent Driver Alertness. Lane keep assist is available as an option and standard on higher-grade versions. The resolution of the rear-view camera has been increased, providing a clearer image and more confidence in reversing scenarios, especially in low-light situations. The rear-view camera is standard on all grades, while the Around-View Monitor, which offers a "bird's-eye view" for parking, is available on higher-grade versions. Lastly, the brake lights now flash during hard braking to alert the driver behind in case of an unexpected stop.

In summary, the All-New Nissan Juke features an improved interior with larger infotainment screen and new features, reintroduces the iconic yellow exterior color option, introduces a new N-Sport trim with unique details, and enhances driver assistance features for improved safety and convenience.

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