Introducing the MG4 XPower

Discover what makes the MG4 XPower the fastest, most powerful MG ever!

Introducing the MG4 XPower

The All-New MG4 EV XPower is the first of the next generation of high-performance hatchbacks. Its 64kWh battery produces a maximum power of 435PS (320kW) accelerating from 0 - 62 mph in 3.8 seconds. MG4 EV XPower also introduces a brand-new all-wheel drive system, as well as enhanced brakes and launch control.

Priced from just £36,495, the new range-topping MG4 XPower firmly underlines the company’s Get More philosophy, as an EV performance car offering drivers breathtaking power and dynamics at an extremely competitive price.

Here is our deep dive into the fastest, most powerful MG ever!

All-Wheel Drive

MG4 EV XPower features a brand-new all-wheel drive system delivering improved traction, stability and enhanced safety with active braking on the inside wheels.

Launch Control

Exclusive to MG4 EV XPower, launch control offers an enhanced sporty driving experience and delivers acceleration from 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds.

Track Mode Display

Within the floating 10.25” colour touch screen, MG4 EV XPower includes track mode display featuring data analysing vehicle performance, power distribution, speed/time, G-Force, steering angle and throttle.

Advanced Braking Performance

Through a combination of the new 18” Cyclone wheels, larger front and rear brake discs, and new stand-out orange sports callipers, MG4 EV XPower can decelerate from 62-0mph in just 33.0 metres.

Model – MG4 EV XPower

Price - £36,495

Powertrain – 64kWh battery, 2x e-motors

Power/torque – 429bhp/600Nm

Transmission – Single-speed automatic, four-wheel drive

0-62mph – 3.8 seconds

Top speed – 124mph

Range – 239 miles

Charging – 140kW, 10-80% in 35 mins

On sale – Now 

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