All-Electric E-Transit: The Electric Van for Your Business

Are you looking for an electric van that combines sustainability, toughness, capability, and versatility? Look no further than the all-new Ford E-Transit. This revolutionary commercial vehicle is designed to help your business meet its sustainability targets without compromising on performance.

All-Electric E-Transit

Electric Power for Zero-Emission Deliveries

The Ford E-Transit is Ford's first all-electric commercial vehicle, complete with a 400-volt battery that provides 68 kWh of usable power. With this impressive power source, you'll never have to worry about low-emission zones again. The E-Transit offers an excellent range of up to 166-196 miles on a full charge, according to WLTP test results. Whether you're driving in the city or on the motorway, the E-Transit has you covered. You can even use the range calculator to estimate your potential travel distance based on driving conditions.

Versatile Configurations to Suit Your Business

The Ford E-Transit comes in various height and length variations, offering up to 151 cubic meters of cargo space. With 25 different configurations available, you can customize the E-Transit to fit your specific business needs. Whether you need extra passengers or increased load space, an enclosed van, or an open chassis cab, the Ford E-Transit has you covered.

Convenient Charging Options

Charging the E-Transit is effortless with various options available. If you have a charging point at your premises, you can recharge the E-Transit from 0-100% in approximately 8-12 hours. For public charging, the BlueOval Charging Network offers over 32,000 charging points across the UK. Alternatively, you can plug your E-Transit into a mains outlet for a simple recharge or install an EV Home Charger for faster charging times and convenience.

Cost Savings and Government Grants

Switching to the Ford E-Transit allows your business to take advantage of cheaper running costs compared to traditional fuel-powered vans. Recharging costs significantly less than refueling, and with government grants of up to £5,000 available, there are even more financial incentives to make the switch to electric.

Connected Services for a Smoother Experience

With FordPass Pro, you can manage and monitor your E-Transit efficiently. The free app allows you to view your vehicle's location, health status, lock or unlock doors, and even manage recharging schedules. For fleet managers with more than five vehicles, Ford Telematics provides valuable data-driven insights to maximize productivity and minimize vehicle downtime.

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