6 Hot Tips On How To Stay Cool This Summer

Check out our smart summer hacks on how to keep cool in your car during the British heatwave.

6 Hot Tips On How To Stay Cool This Summer

It’s not every day that us Brits get to put on our shades and head to the coast with family and friends, so when we do get our fair share of the summertime sun, we sometimes aren’t prepared in the right way. Driving, for example, can become dangerously unbearable in hotter conditions and simple things like getting out of your car can turn into peeling your thighs off your leather seats. So, whilst we’re in the midst of our heatwave, we thought we’d share 6 clever and easy ways you can beat the heat and put the fun back into summer driving.

Whenever possible, try to find a parking space with shade - even if it means a five-minute walk away. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself when you get back into your car and you don’t instantly melt into a puddle.

If step 1 isn’t possible, you may want to invest in a windscreen sunshade and window visors. These protective shields will keep the sun from entering the interior space through your windows and reduce the temperature inside. Remember to face the silver side towards the sun. Other alternatives include universal window curtains and blinds.

This one is super easy. Simply cover the seats in your interior with anything from old sheets and towels to specially designed seat covers. Not only will this keep you cool by preventing the absorption of heat into the seats, but this simple step can save leather interiors from cracking when exposed to heat.

The last thing you want during a long drive is to be thirsty, so make sure you stock up on water before every journey you take. It’s usual to feel sluggish and tired in hotter conditions which is mainly due to dehydration. This could be dangerous when driving so be sure to beat the fatigue and keep your water levels up this summer.

In a world where these exist, why wouldn’t you have one? Whether it’s cooling gel, built-in fans or good old beads, a cooling cushion is perfect in maintaining air ventilation behind your back, bottom and thighs so your body stays a cool temperature at all times.

It’s very common for interior door handles, steering wheels, gear sticks and handbrakes to heat up whilst sitting in the sun which can be extremely dangerous if they feature metal elements. Before setting off, wipe down these hot surfaces with a damp cloth to relieve heat and prevent burns.

If you’re travelling with pets, don’t forget they will need the same type of attention during the summer! Make sure they have plenty of water, are sat in the shade and here\'s a nice old trick – put some cold or wet towels underneath them to keep them from becoming hot and bothered.

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