2020 New Ford Kuga Earns 5-Star NCAP Euro Safety Rating

Ford’s 3rd gen Kuga has recently undergone a range of crash tests and has managed to receive a full 5-star safety rating. More details here.

Dec 17, 2019

2020 New Ford Kuga Earns 5-Star NCAP Euro Safety Rating


The 2020 All-New Ford Kuga has earned 5/5 stars from Euro NCAP - a European car safety performance assessment programme that performs various crash tests on new vehicles.


The 3rd generation Kuga went on to score 92% for adult occupancy, 86% for child occupancy, 82% for vulnerable road users and 73% for the SUV’s safety assistance. Its high Adult Occupant score can be broken down into 4 crash tests and 3 city driving scenarios of Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). As shown in the graphic, the All-New 2020 Ford Kuga gained a perfect score when tested for lateral impact in Adult Occupants.

All-New Ford Kuga Adult Occupant examined under Euro NCAP crash tests

It went on to score perfectly in each AEB city scenario which consisted of:

  1. Approaching a stationary car from the left
  2. Approaching a stationary car head-on
  3. Approaching a stationary car from the right

In all instances, the All-New Ford Kuga was able to detect the vehicle ahead and was able to apply its Automatic Emergency Braking system.

All-New Ford Kuga scores perfectly for its Automatic Emergency Braking system

Frontal lateral testing for Child Occupants (based on 6 & 10-year-old children) also saw a perfect 16/16 points. The dummies were strapped into the Kuga using safety restraints - a Britax Römer KidFix XP car seat for the 6-year-old and a Booster Cushion for the 10-year old). 

 Child Occupant score for All-New Ford Kuga under Euro NCAP testing

You can now view the full report here


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