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Suspension is what connects the wheels and tyres of your ŠKODA while it’s moving. The connection system is made up of shock absorbers and springs which protect the car from the impact of uneven road surfaces, such as speed bumps and potholes. If your ŠKODA’s suspension is working correctly, it will also improve the overall handling of the car and braking distance. Therefore, it’s very important to have suspension serviced regularly.

When to book a ŠKODA suspension service

Having been in the dealer and service business for over 60 years, we have vast knowledge of all the ŠKODA models and how to keep them in optimum condition. We suggest that you have suspension checked regularly, and to have it checked immediately if you notice your car pulling to one side. This is a definite warning sign that suspension could be weakened.

Springs and shock absorbers tend to wear over time and affect the handling of your ŠKODA, so this is another reason to go for regular suspension servicing. We can check these as part of your annual ŠKODA MOT, but suspension is also covered in our minor and major service plans. 

Why choose a Sandicliffe ŠKODA Service

Sandicliffe are the ideal choice when it comes to servicing the suspension of your car. We only have ŠKODA-trained and fully qualified technicians, who use genuine ŠKODA replacement parts to fix any suspension issues. With our expertise, your suspension will be fixed in no time with a clear and detailed service report to take away with you. Our checks can also reduce suspension maintenance costs in the long-run.

When you leave one of our East Midlands-based centres, you will feel the difference in handling on dry, wet and uneven roads.

If left unchecked, here are some of the problems you could encounter on the road. These can put you and your passengers at risk and should never be ignored.

  • Increased braking distances
  • Ineffective road holding
  • Increased tyre wear
  • Driving discomfort

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