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Have you noticed that your steering wheel isn’t quite aligned, or that the steering is pulling to one side? If so, then you should head down to your local Sandicliffe ŠKODA Service centre for a free steering check. Our free checks come as part of our complimentary Visual Health Check (VHC), which covers steering and 31 other components in your ŠKODA car. With over 60 years’ experience in car servicing and in-depth knowledge of the ŠKODA range, you can have total confidence in us to identify and fix any underlying issues.

If your VHC does highlight problems in your car’s steering system, our Sandicliffe ŠKODA Service sites can offer highly competitive prices for the repair/replacement work required. With sites based in Leicester and Daybrook, you won’t have to travel far either to leave your car with our ŠKODA-trained technicians.

Rest assured that we stringently follow ŠKODA’s rules and guidelines on servicing cars. From our technicians’ qualifications to our use of genuine ŠKODA replacement steering parts, we live up to their high standards at every service.

It’s very important that you do get any problems fixed as soon as possible, as faulty steering can increase tyre wear and make your ŠKODA difficult to handle on the road. If an issue with steering is left unchecked, you may find that your tyres wear more quickly than they should. It can also lead to your car becoming more difficult to handle.

To keep your vehicle roadworthy and safe in future, you should have your ŠKODA’s steering checked regularly. If you have recently hit a kerb or driven over a large pothole, these are also good times to have steering alignment and tracking looked at by us in a free Visual Health Check.

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