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At an annual Sandicliffe ŠKODA MOT, we will test your car’s safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions. As an established and experienced ŠKODA dealer in the East Midlands, all of our technicians are ŠKODA-trained and fully qualified to deliver first-class MOT’s. You won’t have to travel far to find us either, as we have ŠKODA MOT sites in Leicester and Daybrook.

At a set price of just £39 for all ŠKODA models, our ŠKODA-trained service technicians will thoroughly check all aspects of your car which could affect its safety and road-condition. If any further work is required, we offer competitively priced service deals at our service centres, where only genuine ŠKODA parts are used. Rest assured that all findings in your MOT will be fully documented in a report, with no-obligation, friendly advice always at hand if you need it. 

Pre-MOT checklist

Before taking your ŠKODA for its annual MOT at one of our ŠKODA sites, we advise that you go over this checklist. It could save you from MOT failure at the off-set!

  • Check that all lights are functioning properly and that there are no faulty bulbs
  • Ask a friend to check that your brake lights come on when you press the brake pedal
  • Check your front and rear number plates to make sure the correct font and spacing are used. Also check that the number plates are clearly legible
  • Ensure that the wheels and tyres haven’t been damaged and that the tyre depth is at least 1.6mm
  • Make sure that the seatbelts are all working properly and reacting as they should do
  • Any windscreen damage larger than 40mm will lead to a failed MOT
  • Any tears or holes in the windscreen wiper rubber will lead to a failed MOT
  • Top up windscreen washing fluid
  • Test the car horn to make sure it works
  • Check that you have a good amount of fuel in your tank, so that the MOT technician can carry out an emission test.

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