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At one of our specialist ŠKODA Service sites, we can replace and fit batteries for your car or commercial vehicle. Having serviced hundreds of ŠKODA vehicles over our 60 years in business, the Sandicliffe technician team are perfectly suited to fixing any problems with your car batteries – from a simple Visual Health Check (VHC) to complete replacement. You won’t have to travel far for a ŠKODA battery service either, as we have centres based in Leicester and Daybrook, in the East Midlands.

Before visiting us, here are some of the main causes of car battery issues. It’s worth you understanding these before we check over your ŠKODA.

  • An electrical fault meaning that the battery isn’t charging properly
  • Leaving on your lights and draining the battery
  • General wear of the battery over a number of years
  • Parasitic draw (when a load is still on the battery even after turning everything off, from car accessories of on-board systems)
  • Sulfation (when lead sulfate crystals form on the lead plates due to low water levels, reducing current within the battery)
  • Corrosion of the battery terminals

Our ŠKODA-trained and fully qualified technicians can quickly identify any faults with your battery by doing a thorough Visual Health Check (VHC). This is free of charge and precedes any service work that might need carrying out. 

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