Nissan Engine Servicing

Although we will check your engine when you bring your Nissan for its two year check, we believe that regular engine checks are essential to thoroughly maintain your engine. Everyday driving builds up sludge in your engine as well as oil changes leaving behind contaminated oil, degrading the new oil being added.

Engine Detox Treatment

You may occasionally treat your Nissan to an engine flush and although it will clean your engine, it will not enhance your Nissan’s performance. An effective and long-lasting solution to restore your Nissan’s engine to enhance its overall potential and performance is an engine detox treatment.

An engine detox works by a machine heating soya based oil to 42 degrees, this is then pulsed into the engine of your Nissan to begin breaking down all unwanted debris. The process is similar to de-scaling a dishwasher, with the soya based oil being more gentle on your engine compared to other commercial fuel additives.

Why Sandicliffe?

With Sandicliffe Nissan Servicing Centres in Nottingham & Loughborough you are never too far from a Sandicliffe Nissan servicing centre. Here at Sandicliffe we have over 60 years’ experience so you can rest assured that our professionals will ensure that you get the most out of your engine’s performance at a competitive price. 

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