Mazda Servicing - Steering

As part of your specialist Mazda service, Sandicliffe’s Mazda-approved technicians can complete thorough steering checks and repairs. These checks are covered in a free Mazda Visual Health Check (VHC).

As an experienced Mazda dealer, we have the correct diagnostics equipment and experience to have your steering wheel aligned in no time – should any further repair-work be needed.

Power steering fluid replacement

Power steering is found in most modern vehicles these days. It is designed to make steering easier if it is maintained properly, so we advise that you have the fluid replaced regularly by our trained Mazda experts.

Key warning signs of faulty power steering:

  • Loose of stiff steering wheel which causes difficulty when steering. This can often be fixed with a power steering fluid top-up, although it might also be caused by a fluid leak. We can fix either of these for you.
  • Slippage of the steering is a sure sign of power steering failure and must be checkout out as soon as possible, to avoid endangering you and other motorists.
  • Squealing noises when starting the car or when driving in low gear can indicate a problem with the power brakes pump.

Why choose Sandicliffe for a Mazda steering service

For over 60 years, Sandicliffe has been a leading East Midlands service expert. We have repaired and replaced thousands of steering components and parts using Mazda wheel alignment systems and specialist equipment. The consistency of every steering service is maintained by using only genuine Mazda tools and parts, which also gives you peace of mind that all work is fully compliant with Mazda’s high quality standards.

Our Mazda technicians will quickly and professionally diagnose steering problems in an initial, free VHC and provide you with honest, impartial advice along the way – all at very competitive prices. But of course we won’t carry out any steering repair work unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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