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As part of your specialist Ford service, Sandicliffe's Ford-trained technicians can complete thorough tyre checks free of charge. As an approved Ford dealer, we have the correct diagnostics equipment and experience to make sure that your tyre's tread depth is completely safe for the road.

Tyre Safety

Driving with worn or damaged tyres affects handling of your Ford vehicle, putting yours and others safety at risk. Your tyres should meet certain legal requirements and if they don't, you could face a fine of £2,500 and three penalty points to your license. Not only that, it is also illegal to use unsuitable tyres, over-worn tyres and mix tyres of different types that are not suitable for your vehicle.

That is why it is vital to have your tyres checked on a regular basis. Our professional team will check your tyres for tread depth, pressure, condition of your tyres and ultimately will make sure that they are safe.

Tyres should be inflated correctly, this may differ dependant on manufacturer and type of vehicle. If a tyre is over or under inflated this could cause wear or increase the consumption of your fuel. Ensure that your tyres are inflated to Ford's recommended pressure for your vehicle.

The legal minimum tread depth for cars in the UK is 1.6mm across the central three quarters of the tyre around its entire circumference.

You can also check your tyres tread depth with a 20p, by placing it in the main grooves of your tyre. If you can see the outer band of the 20p when it's placed in the tyre then they should be inspected by a Ford servicing professional. We recommend that you replace your tyres before the legal limit is reached at around 78% worn as tread depth significantly affects braking distance.

Why Sandicliffe

If you're looking for Ford servicing in the East Midlands, Sandicliffe is the right place to come. We have been Ford premium partners since 1952 and Ford owners across the region have trusted us for over sixty years. We will check your tyres for your Ford vehicle free of charge, as part of Ford Servicing. Advising on repairs, replacements and giving you a great variety to suit your driving style and your vehicle, as well as ensuring you get a great deal based on your budget.

Variety of Tyres

Our professionals will ensure that you not only have the correct tyres for your vehicle, that you will also have the best quality from our huge range. As part of Ford Motorcraft 4+, we also offer brand name tyres from £39.99 with a free check on all components during tyre fitting.

Book your service, MOT or repairs with one of the region's most trusted motor experts by calling 0845 344 8120 now. Or, use our quick and easy Online Booking Form.

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